Machinery Infrastructure DCPPL is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery having latest technology available in the industry that helps in manufacturing superior quality yarn.

Machinery Maintenance.DCPPL has a robust system in place for preventive maintenance and on the floor for supervision. This results in getting the highest utilization and least downtime of the machineries available. This is possible due to DCPPL’s well qualified, experienced and highly motivated team available on floor at all times.

Quality Assurance DCPPL takes immense pride in perceiving its role as the comprehensive perceiving its role as the comprehensive architect of every single yarn and cotton lint that it products, they have setup an in-house laboratory in their factory. Consistent and high quality of cotton lint produced in the ginning unit has resulted in setting a benchmark for yarn realization in the industry.DCPPL has a well-qualified and experienced staff in the R&D and Quality Control departments. Their Quality Control Department is well equipped with the latest analytical and quality control equpiments.

The advanced research and development helps them in giving the most cost effective products to the customers. Continuous emphasis towards process and technology upgrade is being done effectively to enrich the product quality.

For Testing/ checking Instrument Make
Electronic Twist Tester Statex
Yarn Clearers Uster Quantum 3
Lea Strength & count Testing Statex
Yarn Evenness Tester Uster Tester 5
Cotton HVI Analysis Premier HFT 9000
Cotton Trash Analysis Statex
CSP System Statex
Yarn Appearance Board Winder Statex

Department Machinery Make
Ginning Unit
Double Roller Gin, Lint Cleaner & Bale Press Jadhao
Spinning Unit
Bale Plucker LMW LA23/S
Contamination Cleaner Vetal Combo
Spark Diversion System Elgi Argus
Cards LMW LD2,LDA/1
Breaker Draw Frame, Finisher Draw Frame LMW LD2, LDA/1
Lap former LMW LH15
Comber LMW LK64 Z
Speed Frame LMW LF4200A
Ring Frame LMW LR9 AX With Auto doffing
Ring Travellers LRT
Costs & Aprons Inarco
Cone Winding Machine Murate-Process Coner II QPRO
Over Head Travelling Cleaners Elgi
Waste Collection System & Humidification Plant Luwa
Air Compressors Atlas Copco
Cans, Bobbins, Wax,rolls, Bobbin Holders, Springs Rimtex, Moksha, R.M.Enterprises, LMW
Transformers/Switchgears/UPS Inverters Schneider
Electrical Infrastructure Suvidha Electricals
Got Grinding Machine Perfect
Yarn Conditioning System Elgi Sara Profix

Manpower DCPPL is proud to be backed by a motivated, skilled and competent team of professionals. The team of DCPPL consists of 30 employees and 75 workers, out which 90% are skilled and 10% are unskilled. Around 80% of the total workforce is from the surrounding areas of Jasdan and 20% workforce. This will immensely help in social cause of female empowerment in surrounding area. In-house training center is available to continuously improve work practices and to raise the skill level of workers. The mill introduces healthy, creative and family like atmosphere to the employees for a better turn-out of work. Safety training is provided to all the employees on join

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