Parul Patel


Mr. Parul Patel is one of the dynamic and energetic first generation entrepreneurs who started with his first venture in early 1980s, with no family background in the business arena. After graduating with Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1982, he just had one vision in mind and that was to develop something of his own which led to this today’s successful establishment of “Lakshya Group” of industries. Stated with the Tiles manufacturing industry ,the very first company called Tarak Tiles Industries established in1986-87. After a few years in this industry and looking into better opportunities into other sectors, the company soon switched over to Petroleum based products refining industry. Mainly dealing in “White Oil” and various other grades of petroleum products of same cadre, the manufacturing of these products was done under the company names”Dhruv Enterprises”and “Hrishit Industries Ltd.”. After over a decade in this industry, vision of Mr. Parul Patel took him over to all together a new sector of chemical industry, into the world of Plasticizers. Today, Lakshya Group, which comprises of Lakshya Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Nishant Organics Pvt. Ltd.(both being manufacturing units of DEP) and lately with Dhruv Cotton Processing Pvt. Ltd., Trylene Inc., Allnyx Technologies LLP all have been the fruits of this great endeavor along this journey and God’s grace the continuing path of success. As rightly said above and thus justified, Mr. Parul Patel has always been dynamic with grabbing the current opportunities that came along his entrepreneurship and developed all of them with utmost zeal and enthusiasm like a true visionary.

Dr. Bharat K. Boghara

Managing Director

Dr. Bharat K. Boghara’s entrepreneurial instincts persuaded him to bid an adieu to his profession as a doctor and motivated him to lead Dhruv Cotton Processing Pvt. Ltd. In the year 2007. Dr. Bharat K. Boghara, 37, is the Managing Director of DCPPL. He is a well-known social activist and philanthropist in the Saurashtra Region. He has served as a Member of legislative Assembly in the Gujarat Government from Jasdan Region for 4 years. He is the President of All Gujarat Spinners Association and also a Chairman of Jasdan Agricultural Produce Market Committee. His keen business acumen, dynamic approach and leadership have helped the mill transform into becoming one of the best quality and cost effective yarn producer in Gujarat.

Mr. Natwarlal Navadiya


Mr. Natwarlal Navadiya, 40, a Civil Engineering graduate, has been the great asset to DCPPL. He holds the position as a Director at DCPPL and has portrayed a key role in commissioning of the Spinning Unit in a record time of just 9 months. His knowledge of cotton growing and fibre has been instrumental in sourcing the most cost effective raw materials. He is involved in effective implementation of the systems and operative practices.

Mr. Mehul Boghara


Mr. Mehul Boghara , 40, is the Director of DCPPL. He is a chemical Engineering Graduate and contributes to the functional activates, marketing strategies and operations at DCPPL. He has strengthened the organization by building diligent tram of employees, skilled and unskilled laborers. His involvement in improvement of the quality and policies has led the mill to its present forte in the industry.

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